Anne Nevis

Anne Nevis 2021 Amazing Kids – BanksAge: 17School: Banks High SchoolHometown: BanksWHY SHE IS AMAZING: Her work ethic and attitude lead not only to her success, but also to those around her. PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: SCHOOL, ACTIVITIES, CHURCH…NO PROBLEM Attitude Read More

Maddi Klink

Maddi Klink 2022 Amazing Kids – NewbergAge: 17School: Newberg High SchoolHometown: NewbergWHY SHE’S AMAZING: Maddi has represented students during a tumultuous time on the school board. PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: BEARING WITNESS TO SCHOOL BOARD HISTORY Maddi Klink may be small, Read More

Tanner Foss-Howard

Tanner Foss-Howard 2022 Amazing Kids – MolallaAge: 18School: Molalla High SchoolHometown: MolallaWHY HE IS AMAZING: Tanner is invested in many school and community organizations that make Molalla a better place. PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: A COMMITMENT TO COMMUNITY AND LEADERSHIP Adaptable. Read More

Shanti Rosales

Shanti Rosales 2022 Amazing Kids – CulverAge: 16School: Culver High SchoolHometown: CulverWHY SHE IS AMAZING: She is always ready to lend a helping hand, volunteering her free time to help her family and community. PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: HELPING OTHERS IS Read More

Ben Seely

Ben Seely 2022 Amazing Kids – PrinevilleAge: 12School: Crook County Middle SchoolHometown: PrinevilleWHY HE IS AMAZING: He has committed to spreading cheer by holding a ‘Have a nice day!’ sign at school each morning and afternoon. PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: IT Read More

Haven Tamimi

Haven Tamimi 2022 Amazing Kids – CanbyAge: 18School: Canby High SchoolHometown: CanbyWHY SHE’S AMAZING: Haven finds helping others an energizing experience for her life. PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: BEING INVOLVED, BEING HAPPY Being busy is great, but there’s something to be Read More

Fiona Dunn

Fiona Dunn 2022 Amazing Kids -WilsonvilleAge: 17School: Wilsonville High SchoolHometown: WilsonvilleWHY SHE’S AMAZING: Fiona serves her community through journalism and ensures every student is reflected in the school newspaper she leads. PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: WILSONVILLE HIGH STUDENT ENSURES EVERY VOICE Read More

Jessica Martin

Jessica Martin 2022 Amazing Kids – Lake OswegoAge: 15School: Lake Oswego High SchoolHometown: Lake OswegoREASON THEY’RE AMAZING: Jessica uses their love for sewing to create products that help people, and make the world a more inclusive and environmentally-friendly place. PROUDLY Read More