Yurie Han

Yurie Han

2020 Amazing Kids - Clackamas Review
Age: 17
School: Clackamas High School
Hometown: Happy Valley, Or
Why she is Amazing: As student body vice-president, Yurie volunteers at her school and in the community. When COVID-19 cancels her latest volunteer plans, she makes alternate plans.



Yurie Han is a vital member of her community both inside and outside of school. During the most recent school year at Clackamas High School, she served as the vice-president of her class while also fulfilling her duties as president of the school’s math club. Outside of school, she volunteers at Providence to spend time with children with disabilities. 

As she finished her junior year, Yurie has been involved with student council every year since her freshman year. With a goal of making connections between school leadership and the student body, she has been elected as the associated student body vice-president for next year, while also juggling her current role as Math Honor Society president. CHS leadership teacher Rhiannon Boettcher says Yurie is an excellent elected representative on the student council.  

“She is able to work with a variety of people and through the myriad challenges thrown her way,” Boettcher says of Yurie. “Her work with our electronic communications on social media and other venues has always been high quality and professional.”  Boettcher admires Yurie for additionally volunteering her time to help organize and run the school’s Red Cross Blood Drive and other activities.  

“Yurie is a student who I can always count on, and I am looking forward to working with her again this year on our ASB Executive Council,” Boettcher says. In her free time, Yurie has helped her community by volunteering at Providence Center for Medically Fragile Children.

As she applies to colleges soon, Yurie is passionate about closing the gender inequality gap and advocates for girls to pursue STEM as a career or passion. With COVID-19 happening, she recently completed a coding camp that helps girls in computer science.

“Through it, I was able to code both the front-end and back-end of a website from scratch,” Yurie says. “I, along with two other girls, coded a decorative and easy-to-navigate website that provides information on gender inequality in different workplaces.” She was accepted into an internship at Kaiser Permanente intended to allow her to shadow doctors and learn about the medical field during this summer. While this internship was canceled due to the COVID-19 circumstances, Yurie is not the type to let grass grow under her feet. Instead, she joined an organization called Girls in White Coats that aims to encourage young women to join the medical field. 

“I’m currently advertising for the organization, writing posts on historic women who revolutionized health care and planning out the virtual workshops and competitions that we can provide,” she says.

In addition, Yurie is in the process of starting a virtual club to use film as an initiative to educate students on different social issues.

“Members will join together to watch an important film that addresses a social issue (in regard to race, class, gender, etc.), and participate in a virtual group discussion and writing blog posts/film reviews,” she says. “I wanted to create this club as I believe that educating ourselves on the experiences of those who systematically hold less privilege is crucial to becoming a better ally. I already love to watch films in my free time, and I want to form a community with others who appreciate it and the valuable lessons that it can teach us.”