Molly Izer

Molly Izer

2020 Amazing Kids - Sandy Post
Age: 17
School: Sandy High School
Hometown: Sandy, Or
Why she is Amazing: Molly strives to make her school and community a better place by advocating for everything from environmental issues to anti-racism, while maintaining a 3.96 GPA and participating in numerous clubs.


Sandy - Suburban


While Molly Izer has always dreamed of making a career of advocating for people and the planet, the 17-year-old from Sandy certainly hasn’t been waiting for adulthood to try to enact change. 

Molly, a jack of all trades and rising senior at Sandy High, spends much of the time she’s not doing homework or rehearsing for speech and debate tournaments working to promote environmental issues, and also more recently, a student-led anti-racism movement. 

“I’m really passionate about climate change because it’s an issue that affects everyone regardless of age, gender or socioeconomic status,” Molly says. “It’s a social justice issue.” Molly aspires to pursue a degree in political science, while minoring in ASL, with the intent to one day work as a translator for the ACLU. 

She has had a keen interest in the environment and, more specifically, biology and oceanic science, since she was very young. 

Molly comes from a family of nature enthusiasts. She and her parents are avid hikers, skiers and backpackers. Because of this, Molly has a long-standing relationship with nature and has been able to watch how it’s changed even in her lifetime. 

“Being close to nature and seeing how much it changed was alarming,” she says. “We’ve always been on the mountain. It’s kind of a lifestyle. I used to catch animals as a kid. I was really into catching crawdads and snails and whatever I could find in the creeks. I once found an owl on the side of the road and nursed it back to health.” 

Besides her ample time outdoors, Molly also participates in several school clubs and extracurricular activities. Ironically, she once played a tree in the drama club’s musical rendition of “The Wizard of Oz,” among other parts.

Molly is in multiple musical ensembles, playing percussion and guitar; she’s a co-captain of the Speech and Debate Team; she is the National Honor Society president; she is president of the aquanauts; she participates in Green Club; and she does all of this (and more) while maintaining about a 3.96 grade point average. 

In all these clubs, Molly says, “a lot of the appeal was community.” “Being involved with the people (has been) something I greatly enjoy,” she says. “I suppose I just have so many different passions, so I’ve loved having so many different outlets to express those passions in high school.” 

Molly also recently has been trying to use her influence as a student leader in NHS to enact change to benefit her peers and Sandy High students to come. 

“Advocacy is a really big deal to me,” she says. “And so is having a platform to advocate on. It’s about time we take up those leadership roles and use them to do some good.” 

Molly notes that “as a teenager, I don’t really have the financial resources (to give back to the community), so I give my time. I think it’s important if you have the resources to do so to give back,” she adds. 

As of March, Molly has logged about 50 hours of community service. And, on top of that, she’s helped create a speech and debate team at the middle school level, offering younger students the tools and platform she’s benefited from over the past three years. 

“I’ve seen how speech and debate has changed the community at the high school and giving the students a platform to have that advocacy is so important,” Molly says. “I think with the speaking skill I have and the passion I have for social justice issues, (working for the ACLU) would be the best pathway for me to utilize those. If you have the tools to make a lasting impact, you should do that.”