Hannah Bach

2023 Amazing Kids - Happy Valley
School: Adrienne C. Nelson High School
Hometown: Happy Valley
Why she is Amazing: Being a difference maker in her community


Making a Difference in Happy Valley

Living in Happy Valley for the entirety of her life, involvement and making a difference in the community have always been important for Jaden Andrews. 

Since she was young, she has been a part of several different organizations, such as the National Charity League, the student council, and most notably, Happy Valley Youth Council. The council consists of a group of teens working with the city and various other councils to address issues in their community.

Since joining her freshman year, Andrews has been able to travel to various Youth Council conferences around the country, including Washington D.C. where she spoke to other national councils and state representatives. 

The program also gave her the chance to serve as chair of the council during her junior year. “I led the meetings and created the agenda on what we were discussing that day,” she said. “At the conferences, I would be the one that stands up and speak on behalf of our council.”

Being involved in the Youth Council has played a big role in the last four years of her life. “It has developed my character and me as a person,” she said.
“As I grew and went through high school, it kind of helped me shape into like what direction I wanted to go.” From this time, she’s gained more leadership
skills and grown more love of advocating for others.

Once she graduates, Andrews plans to attend college and enter the political field and further pursue her passion for helping and advocating for others. “I don’t know exactly what I want to go into yet,” she said. “But I do know that no matter what I do though, I want to make an impact of some sort.