Hannah Bach

2023 Amazing Kids - Happy Valley
School: Adrienne C. Nelson High School
Hometown: Happy Valley
Why she is Amazing: Participates in volunteer work throughout the community


Making a Difference in Happy Valley

Helping people is at the core of who Hannah Bach is. She is a member of the National Charity League, which is an organization where girls and their moms participate in volunteer work throughout the community. When her best friend, fellow ACNHS senior Jaden Andrews introduced her to the Happy Valley Youth Council her junior year, she saw it as another chance to contribute to bettering the city. 

“I knew that through NCL that I loved volunteering and being a leader in the community,” she said. “I saw that being on Youth Council was another opportunity to do that.” Since being on the council, Bach has been able to grow her leadership skills and make connections with other like-minded people who share the same goal. 

She loves attending its monthly meetings and working with her peers to create new ideas to implement in the community. One thing she reflects on during her time in the Youth Council was the conference in Washington D.C. “It was super amazing because we got to talk with all of the different youth councils,” she said. “It was fun to exchange ideas with each other and see what other groups are doing in their community and get ideas on what we could do too.” The Youth Council has taught her the importance of being a leader in the community and advocating for students. 

After she graduates this year and heads to college in the fall, she wants to get involved in extracurricular activities where she can continue to give back and grow. “I just love helping people and immersing myself in my community,” she said. “And once I move to college, it’s important for me to continue on that kind of legacy that Youth Council gave me.”