Tyler Rose

2023 Amazing Kids - Banks
Age: 18
School: Banks High School
Hometown: Banks
WHY SHE’S AMAZING: She does it all as a two-sport varsity athlete and good student with a part-time job.

Scholar, athlete and future hairstylist

Banks High School senior Tyler Rose has mastered a skill that even the most seasoned adults struggle with: life balance. 

Tyler, 18, is a decorated two-sport varsity athlete, an honors student, a social butterfly, and a part-time employee at Pink Spoon, a local yogurt shop. 

She also cooks for the family, cleans, and takes care of her younger brother when needed.

 “I don’t think I could handle and do everything she does,” said Jenny Rose, Tyler’s mom, who described her daughter as constantly on the move from morning until night. “She’s struck an amazing balance, and she never complains. 

She’s always happy and always does everything on her own. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had to make sure her she’s getting her homework done.” When asked how she manages to do it all, Tyler Rose said, “Mentally, I’m always pushing myself to do my best. I strive to accomplish things. 

The more I accomplish, the better I feel about myself.” The good thing is that she’s accomplished a lot. 

This year, Rose helped her high school soccer and basketball teams make it to state, with the latter returning home as 3A champions for the first time in Banks’ history. 

She played such a valuable role on her soccer team that the coach will be retiring her jersey (No. 1) for the entirety of next year. Just as intrinsic to her basketball team’s success, Rose earned the Sixth Man Award, an accolade given out by the coach to a player who doesn’t start but is the first person off the bench and always brings much-needed energy. 

Rose has also earned several student-athlete awards for maintaining a GPA above 3.5. “I always put 100% in what I’m doing,” Rose said. “Even if I fail at something, I pick myself up again. I want to be the best version of myself.” Rose has got her career mapped out.

After graduation, she plans to attend Bella Institute, a cosmetology school in Beaverton, to become a hairstylist. 

Rose said the program would take approximately six to 10 months to complete, after which she will work at a place like Ulta, where she can gain experience, build a portfolio and establish clientele.

Further in her career, she wants to work in or own a salon. “I want to do something I’m passionate about,” said Rose, who fell in love with styling her and other people’s hair when she was 13. 

“I want to make people feel confident about themselves if they’re having a bad day or need self-care. I want to help people feel good about themselves.” Jenny Rose noted that her daughter was the one who researched colleges and found the place she wanted to attend. 

 Then, all she and her husband needed to do was join her on a tour of Bella Institute. Tyler Rose also took the initiative on her own to get a job to help pay for tuition. 

“She’s definitely a fighter,” Jenny Rose said. “She does what she has to do to be where she wants to be. She sets goals and accomplishes them.” She added that she’s impressed how her daughter knows what she wants to do with the rest of her life at such a young age. 

“She’s an 18-year-old with a 25-year-old mind,” Jenny Rose said. While Tyler Rose seems to have it all figured out now, her success has been hard-won. “All her life, she’s had the cards stacked against her,” said her mother. Early on, Tyler Rose’s birth father abandoned the family, forcing Jenny to become a single parent. 

It wasn’t until Tyler was 11 that another father figure entered her life, becoming Jenny’s new husband and Tyler’s stepdad. 

Most recently, Tyler Rose has had to step up at home as her mother has experienced health issues. Jenny Rose said her daughter’s unwavering dedication has given her the “strength to keep going, to push through things.” 

“Despite what she’s been through, she’s turned out to be an amazing person,” Jenny Rose said. “She hasn’t had anything handed to her. We’ve always told her, ‘If you want something, you have to earn it.’ She’s turned into a hard worker.”