Haven Tamimi

2022 Amazing Kids - Canby
Age: 18
School: Canby High School
Hometown: Canby
WHY SHE’S AMAZING: Haven finds helping others an energizing experience for her life.



Being busy is great, but there’s something to be said for finding time to relax, enjoy the family and read a good book.

For Haven Tamimi, those relaxing times are few and far between. The Canby High School senior is plenty busy in her last year of high school — something she is just fine with. That involvement at CHS has led her to be named this year’s Amazing Kid for the Canby area.

However, the road to this final year of high school hasn’t been easy or smooth. COVID-19’s impact has certainly been felt.

“It has definitely been difficult these last few years,” Tamimi said. “I’m involved as an officer in many of the groups I’m part of, so that’s been hard. But it has also been fun to be behind the scenes and see how things are getting done. At this point, I’m grateful for any piece of normality I can get.”

That normalcy includes several activities within the Canby High community. Tamimi serves as the ASB secretary, is vice-president of Key Club, is a member of the Girls Empowerment Club, is a chair member of the Native American Student Union, belongs to the National Honor Society, sings in the choir and is a varsity tennis player, to boot.

“It’s kind of interesting, but when I first started high school, I didn’t want to be involved with anything,” Tamimi said. “I just wanted to scroll through life and get to graduation.

“Later,” she continued, “I realized that wasn’t going to be fun. I found that I wanted to get involved and see things that were going on behind the scenes within the school.

That has turned out to be one of the best parts of the high school experience: getting involved in the groups and getting to know people, teachers and such.

“It has been nice to grow as a leader, something I know I’ll need in college. I’ve learned a lot from other people, and to get to represent the school is so cool. In ASB, I feel like we are a bridge between the staff and the student body. It’s fun to be the little voice that gets to communicate between them.”

At her core, Tamimi sees herself as someone who is a helper. And that, she said, is something she wants to continue in her career, wherever that may take her.

“I thrive and get energy off of helping others,” she said. “I’m pretty energetic and extroverted. I’m also very family oriented. There’s nothing better than staying home and watching a movie with my family and two cats on a Friday night.”

She gets her love of reading from her mom, who was a librarian at 91 School. For Tamimi, a good book, which tends to run towards fantasy and non-fiction, is a way to recharge.
“I like listening to music and I’m a huge napper,” she laughed. “If I could, I’d nap the whole day.”

In the fall, she’ll begin attending the University of Arizona to become an archaeologist.
“I’m very interested in ancient human history,” she explained. “Even if that means digging up old pots in the desert, that’s fine with me.”

But before that, she’ll enjoy the satisfaction of being named one of this year’s Amazing Kids for Pamplin Media Group. She considers it an honor to have been nominated.

“I’m really grateful for where I’m at,” Tamimi said. “The past couple years of seniors didn’t get the experience what others had, so I’m grateful for getting to graduate and move on and go to college and experience the rest of things life has to offer. I’m really grateful for the teachers and my parents that have helped me get where I am today.”