Anne Nevis

2021 Amazing Kids - Banks
Age: 17
School: Banks High School
Hometown: Banks
WHY SHE IS AMAZING: Her work ethic and attitude lead not only to her success, but also to those around her.



Attitude is everything. Someone said that once. If true, Anne Nevis has a lot to offer.
The Banks junior will tell you she’s pretty good at school, gets good grades, and is “not the most creative.” However, at the same time, she’ll speak the praises of the people around her, and that way of thinking makes her an asset in and beyond the classroom.

“Anne is a young woman who exudes positivity and leadership,” Banks High School teacher Lindsay LaJoie said. “In addition to being one of our top students, she’s cheerful, helpful, and engaged with our community.”

Anne is an amazing kid. Not just because someone anointed her as such, but because her genuine interest in helping others trumps her interest in herself.

Kristina Pasadore teaches Career Technical Education, and Nevis is one of her students in the Fabrication and Design class. Nevis and her fellow students created a production team that live-streamed a handful of Banks basketball games, handling the camera work, monitoring, and producing Nevis’ job as part of the FAD class.

Passadore said it’d been a joy to work with and witness Nevis in the classroom and at work.
“Anne is an extremely talented student,” Passadore said. “In or out of the classroom, Anne loves learning new things, sharing her knowledge with others, and most importantly having fun. She truly cares about people and is always willing to help others, often doing so without being asked.”

When it comes to work, be it at school, volunteering at her church, or anything else, Nevis said she just doesn’t have it in her not to put her best foot forward.

“I would have to try in order to fail at something,” she said. “I just have to be proud of my work.”

And she should be proud. The junior gets straight-A’s in the classroom and enjoys and works hard beyond it with the school yearbook and the aforementioned FAD activities stemming from her Video and Graphic Design class, with the latter being one of her favorites.

“I love that you have to be very creative,” Nevis said, “and when you’re done you get to see something super cool and be proud of it and show it off.”

Away from school, Nevis enjoys working for her church, Visitation Catholic Church in Verboort. She’s been known to regularly donate her time doing weekend service projects, including recently baking cinnamon rolls to earn money for a mission trip to Louisiana this summer to help rebuild houses damaged from hurricanes.

She said she “very much” enjoys traveling, and was fortunate enough to experience a cross-country road trip with her parents in 2017, which spanned the Southwest, into the South, up the east coast, and then back through the Midwest and northern states like Montana.

“It was my parents’ dream to take us on a road trip and it was 66 days,” Nevis said. “We saw a lot of history and museums. It was super cool and it definitely got me excited to travel more.”

With a year left before graduation, Nevis said she’s looking forward to potentially traveling to Europe with her schoolmates in the spring of 2023 and going to college. Nevis isn’t sure where she’ll go or what she’ll study, but Pasadore said she’s certain that wherever it is and whatever she studies, Nevis will make it better.

“She has an exceptional work ethic, continually seeking to further develop her skills,” Pasadore said. “She has an amazing ability to laugh and have fun in most any scenario while maintaining a sense of respect and empathy towards others. Those qualities make her a great leader and role model, she encourages everyone to try new things and not to be scared to fail at first.”

And LaJoie may have said it best when describing Banks’ Amazing Kid.

“More important than being one of our top students academically, she’s cheerful, helpful, and engaged with her community,” LaJoie said. “Anne is one of the most well-rounded young adults I’ve met. She is truly an amazing kid worthy of recognition, and her “can do” attitude and exuberant spirit light up a room.”